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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2023)
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The Editor in Chief, on behalf of the Editorial Team and Reviewers, has great pleasure in presenting this volume 6, issue 2 of the Acta Chimica Asiana (ACA), to the research community and the world at large, consisting of those seeking to publish their works and those who wish to keep up with the latest findings in their areas of research.   Up to the sixth edition, it involved authors from five different countries: Indonesia, India, Turkey, Taiwan, and South Korea. The papers included are in the areas of food chemistry, physical chemistry, nanochemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, and theoretical chemistry.   Dr. rer. nat. Lalu Rudyat Telly Savalas, Department of Chemistry, University of Mataram, Indonesia Editor-in-Chief, ACA
Published: 2023-07-29
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