Peer-Review Policy

Reviewers will double-blind peer-review the research article submitted to Acta Chimica Asiana. Before submitting the article to reviewers, the editor will ensure that there is no author identity in the article. Following the journal's double-blind peer-reviewing process, accepted research articles will be made available online.
The editors initially review research articles or manuscripts submitted to Acta Chimica Asiana for general fit with the Acta Chimica Asiana focus and scope, as well as for writing quality. Only research articles that meet the focus and scope of Acta Chimica Asiana will be sent to reviewers for a double blind review. Typically, the review period lasts two weeks. On the basis of their expertise, two reviewers will be assigned to evaluate the research articles or manuscripts. 
If one of the reviewers disagrees on the quality of the research article for publication, a third reviewer will be appointed. The research articles are evaluated by the assigned reviewers using a standard manuscript evaluation form. They are required to keep all information contained in the research articles confidential. The assigned reviewers' opinions serve as a guide for Acta Chimica Asiana editors when making a final decision on the research articles. The editors of Acta Chimica Asiana always have the final say. Manuscripts that are deemed inappropriate by the editors and assigned editors are rejected without further review.